What is Talent Management?

February 3rd, 2015

There is one problem that every company, regardless of size or monetary equivalence, doesn’t see coming unless the harm is done. They do not recognize the importance of proper development, evaluation, and recruitment of employees. There are many reasons for this unfortunate phenomenon. For one, it’s because they are too focused on other priorities, such as business strategies and outside growth opportunities, that they no longer examine the dynamics inside the company itself. Another reason is that the people assigned to be part of the management have no prior knowledge or experience in the proper organizational management of employees. Without proper evaluation of its employees, on their skills and their development rate, the strategists of the company will have no idea on how to effectively use them for the advantage of the company.

talent managementWhenever people hear the phrase “talent management”, the first thing that usually comes to mind are those complicated corporate and human resource jargons. It is an integrated process characterized by the anticipation of the necessary human capital for a company and meeting those needs. The premise of this technique is to develop a superior, highly trained, and organized workforce for an organization by hiring and recruiting the best people for the job. It is the science of utilizing strategic planning in human resource development to improve business dynamics to help them reach their goals and objectives. The target is to maintain the competitive advantage of a particular company by utilizing effective human capital. It is usually partnered with powerful business strategies in order to work efficiently.

What makes it different from companies with “human capital management or performance management”? What makes it stand out compared to other types of employee management?

Other types of management practices mentioned (human capital management or performance management) would probably argue that the talent management approach and their approach are similar (only under different names). However, they are actually not. Other types of employee management focus on the role and performance of the manager as opposed to talent management, which primarily focuses on the employees within the organization. Even though under the template of talent management, managers and upper-level employees are given significant responsibilities regarding the management process, other lower-ranking employees are not ignored. In this sense, everyone counts because everyone has their own responsibility.

This particular strategy should be fully integrated and inculcated in every company’s business strategy, especially in every employee-related procedure in the company. In this system, recruiting and attracting talented potential workers is the responsibility of every member in the company and not only of the managers or the high-ranking employees.

In this paradigm, the inherent talents of employees are also identified, utilized, and maximized because the company also inquires about their employees’ target career paths, strengths, and weaknesses. This close and personal relationship with every employee helps the company manage the entire workforce better. Human resource management and productivity is an essential factor in reaching the company’s goals.

What are its benefits to multinational corporations and similar institutions? There are several advantages in adapting this paradigm for companies:

First, because people are assessed based on their talents and strengths, the right person would be placed in the right position. Because of this, productivity will be maximized and job satisfaction among the employees will be increased.

Second, because the company knows the skills and future goals of its employees, it would be able to utilize its resources properly in order to maintain their top talents. Retaining the company’s top talents is essential because their skills provide an edge or comparative advantage against competitors. If the company is able to monitor the progress and performance of its employees, then their efforts will also be easily rewarded.

The Evolution of Funeral Homes, Customs, and Traditions in America

January 21st, 2015

The art of caring for and burying the dead has evolved over time, more given at this site www.gentrygriffey.com. Practices today are more diverse than those in earlier dayswhen funeral homes, limousine hearses, embalming and cremation were unheard of, and the whole affair was much simpler.

Funeral HomesIn early America, back when funerals were not the elaborate process that people know them to be today. Most American families cared for their deceased family member without much professional help. Each community simply had a group of women who came in to facilitate the process of preparing the deceased. The deceased would be prepped at home and the visitation would be done at home too.

During that time, it was popular for homes to have patios or an area where they receive their guests. They made sure that these rooms are furnished with the finest furniture, decors, portraits, possessions and other trappings. These rooms, being usually clean, uncluttered, formal and suitable for entertaining visitors, would by default then become the room where the deceased is laid out for viewing when the need arises. This would serve as a model for most modern funeral homestoday.

Embalming has not been invented yet at this time and all that there was to it was the visitation at home, then a procession to the church and the cemetery. There was no need to preserve the dead for extended periods of time. Embalming was not a procedure that was done during that time. Caring for the dead was always a simple and upfront affair.

It was only in the mid 1800s that this custom began tochange. At the height of the Civil War, American soldiers were sent to the battlefield and many died. The fallen soldiers’ remains needed to be brought home to be buriedat the request of their surviving family members. And since the means of transporting these bodies – and the speed with which this can be done – had logistical obstacles, they had to find a way to prevent the dead bodies from decomposing fast. It was at this time when the practice of embalming was first used. One of the pioneers in the field of embalming was an American doctor by the name of Dr. Auguste Renouard (1839-1912). This early procedure paved the way for the modern-day practice of embalming.

Embalming the dead body and putting it in a casket is a practice that is carried on until the present day. Over time, however, the practice of viewing the dead at home was replaced by the more convenient funeral homes. This afforded the family members much ease and convenience in arranging and getting the whole thing done.

As for the burial, the dead was buried in their own backyards in the past. Today, most people prefer to have the deceased buried in the more aesthetically-appealinglocal cemeteries. There are national military cemeteries intended for the fallen soldiers of the war and public cemeteries for the ordinary citizens. Military personnel still continue to be buried in these military cemeteries up to this day.

The practice of preparing the dead body for burial was also professionalized. Experts were trained to do the job in behalf of the family. These professionals werefirst called undertakers, and then eventually referred to as morticians and funeral directors in the modern times.

It is worth noting that modern funeral homes of today have perfected this craft. They have somehow come a long way, judging bythe grandeur with which these services are provided, the appearance and size of the viewing chapels where people keep vigil and pay respect to the deceased, and the materials and craftsmanship of the coffins, to mention a few. Rightfully so, there is no other way to bid farewell to a dear departed than give him the amount of respect fit for a king.

HCG for Diets

January 8th, 2015

HCG is a wonderful weight loss supplement for helping you burn calories–and excess body fat–quickly and easily. The supplement can help you actually feel less hunger, which will help you eat less and therefore lose more weight. The only trick is that you will need to stick to the diet plan. For one thing, make sure to place a few drops under your tongue a few minutes before you sit down to eat. That will give the HCG time to get into your bloodstream and do its work in terms of helping to suppress your appetite. And there should be no worries about using HCG. It is safe and natural, as demonstrated by Dr. Simeons during his clinical trials.

1hcgdropsMore powerful than using just generic drops alone, if you use HCG Ultra Diet Drops, you’ll get a lot more weight-loss bang for your buck. In addition to your supply of HCG, you will also receive Weight Loc (an appetite suppressant), a pedometer to help you keep track of many steps you take on any given day, and free shipping. Everything you need to help you lose weight quickly and easily will be sent directly to you at no charge! Best of all, HCG Ultra Diet Drops come with a money-back guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose except pounds and inches of fat from all around your body, for best result you just have to visit www.1hcgdrops.com.

People who want to lose weight tend to want to lose it NOW. Dieters are always hungry (no pun intended) for the fastest and easiest means of shedding unwanted, excess weight. Unfortunately, there is no magical solution that will help anyone lose weight. Or, if there is, then that method will come with high, unhealthy cost. The reality of weight loss is that, if you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to put some effort into it.

You might find that the diet and the drops alone are enough to help you reach your weight-loss goals. You might desire to return to the diet periodically in order to help maintain your newer, slimmer figure. You might also find that adding a regular routine of moderate exercise after you finish the HCG diet will help you keep off the weight you lost. As with any diet, if you lose weight and then begin eating terrible foods again, the weight you lost will come back. All the HCG drops and diet can do is to help you lose weight. They cannot help you keep your ideal weight forever. No diet can do that.

If you need to (or simply want to) lose a lot of weight right away, then HCG drops and the accompanying diet might be just the thing to help you get started.

How to hire a motivational speaker

January 6th, 2015

Motivational speakers can provide the motivation, inspiration and boost your company, group, association or club need in order to be more productive. It is therefore mandatory for you to do your research before hiring a speaker for your event. A hasty decision can lead to an unproductive speaker which can cause more damage than repair.

Here are a few things you need to consider before hiring a motivational speaker for your event.

First on the list is your event’s budget. Motivational speakers don’t come in cheap. Their price ranges from $2,000.00 all the way to $100,000 per session. The budget should be your first consideration. By identifying how much your organizer is willing to shell out to pay for a speaker, you can easily set the parameters and requirements for hiring your speaker.

keynote speakerOnce the budget is established, identify which type of motivational speaker you would want to employ. Currently there are three kinds you can choose from. Funny motivational speakers use humor and laughter to convey a message. Content rich speakers are employed when the goal is to convey a lot of information in one sitting. Storytelling is another form of motivational speech that uses actual stories and experiences of the speaker to inspire a specific group of people (i.e. cancer patients, war victims, prisoners etc.)

You can find motivational speakers in three different ways. You can go old school and ask people you know who might have had the chance to employ one, for references. This is perhaps the easiest way and the most effective. You can go around and ask other associations, organizations and clubs around for their feedback. You might also want to go and contact a speaker bureau who can refer you to motivational speakers on their list. Most speaker bureaus charge a commission fee of around 25% to 30%. Keep this in mind when hiring a speaker because with this commission fee rate you will have little room for negotiation. Of course you can always resort to searching for them on your own, using search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Based on your theme, budget and preference, select the top 5 speakers that you can choose from. This is to ensure that there is plan B, C, D and E in case plan A doesn’t work to your advantage.

Start contacting your top five to determine their price and availability. Do this preferably a month or so in advance. Most companies are employing speakers nowadays and if your choice is among the most popular you might find that his schedule does not fit your event date.

Do your research about your top five choices. The following should be included in your research:

• Price

• Availability

• Expertise – do they write books as well? Do they have a blog? Do they provide consultation and follow up activities.

• Testimonials of satisfied and unsatisfied customers

• Their written biography – background and experiences delivering speeches

Present your research to the committee who will decide which speaker would be invited to your event. If your research is thorough and well prepared it shouldn’t take long before they could come up with a decision. Remember that time is of the essence. You would want to book a speaker as soon as possible and to avoid last minute changes.

Once the speaker is decided, learn to negotiate. There are other means, wherein a speaker can earn money in your event. They could set up a booth where they could sell their books, a Tradeshow booth to sell their items or future referrals to other events that need their expertise. Compromising this way can give you the leverage to work your way around their price and bring it within your budget.

Lastly seal the deal by signing a contract identifying the terms of the agreement. This is also to ensure that come hell or high water, your speaker will be there during your event.

Research Chemicals for Sale: Is it Legal?

January 2nd, 2015

There are manufacturers or laboratories that offer research chemicals for sale to help a company, agency, individual, or group with their ongoing research that involves chemicals.
There are various research chemicals to choose from.  Some of them have been around for years, and there are also fresh discoveries.

Those chemicals that have been around for years and remained research chemicals might still need further study to see if they can be suitable for human consumption.  There are research chemicals that need longer period of testing and experimentation before scientists can truly say that they are safe to ingest.

research chemicals for saleA good advice for someone who just got curious about the research chemicals: as long as the chemical is still under research chemicals category, it is prudent not to ingest it.

The Question of Legality

The legality of a research chemical depends on your geographical location.  If you happen to live in a country that has drug analog laws, like the United States for example, then you should know that there are unscheduled chemicals that may be illegal to own or even consume.  A drug is said to be analog if it is structurally similar to a drug that is considered illegal, known to have similar effects to that of an illicit drug, or share the same pharmacological effects of the illegal drug.

If you are in the United States or other areas with such or similar laws, then the research chemicals for sale that you intend to purchase for consumption are considered illegal.  However, if the chemicals are also good for killing troublesome plants like poison ivy or eliminating stubborn dirt and grime, then the analog laws don’t apply under such condition.  You can buy the said chemicals without getting in trouble with the law.

In case you are in a certain place where research chemicals are treated as just plain chemicals and no laws regard them as similar to illegal drugs, it is possible that the country or area accepts the research chemicals as legal substances.

Does Being Unsafe for Human Consumption Make the Chemical Illegal?

As stated earlier, the legality of the research chemicals depends on the laws that a certain area follows.  Research chemicals are not safe for human consumption simply because they still need further study or testing to determine the toxicology of the chemical and whether they are truly safe to use even in the long run.

Being not safe for human consumption does not make a particular research chemical illegal.  When something defies the laws of a certain locality, then that makes it illegal in that particular area.  What is illegal in one region might be legal in other areas and vice versa.  That is to say, if a particular area considers research chemicals for sale as something legal then you can freely purchase the research chemicals that you need.

Where to Buy the Research Chemicals

The chemists are the most qualified individuals to create the research chemicals.  They sometimes concoct their own when they need one for their research.  Legitimate companies or laboratories that supply chemicals may also have research chemicals.  Most of these companies require their clients to provide credentials and other pertinent documents to prove that they need the chemicals for their research.  They also need proof to show that they work for a research institution.

Take note that there are providers or manufacturers that pose as legitimate companies, but are only after your money.  Surf the net and you will see that there are several individuals who had fallen prey to these scrupulous manufacturers.  After receiving the payment, the client did not hear from them again and the purchased chemicals were not delivered.

It is advisable to spend an ample amount of time profiling and background checking your target provider before sealing the deal.  If you need to obtain your research chemicals for sale and it is legal to purchase the said chemicals in your area, then you need to be wise in choosing a supplier.

Taylormade Golf Drills to Improve Your Skills

December 31st, 2014

No sport or game can be mastered overnight. All professional and world-renowned players spend a lot of their time, energy and effort trying to perfect their play. This goes with the game of golf as well. Though it may look easy compared to other much more action-packed games, golf requires as much practice as a player possibly can do.

If you are a newbie in golf, this article is the perfect read for you because it contains drills you will find useful to make a solid, consistent swing, www.rockbottomgolf.com also help you. Remember, to hit every tee-shot, you will need to allot time for practice. This means going to a driving range to hit balls, playing rounds even at a small golf course, and doing drills in your backyard.

Taylormade GolfWhat you have to know is that golf drills do not only teach you how to swing your Taylormade golf club the right way. Drills also work on other factors that significantly affect your overall game such as grip, stance and follow-through. To give you some basics on all these, here are three drills you can do that will require nothing more but your time, your best golf club, and your backyard:

1. Putting Drill

The aim of a Putting Drill is to help improve your aim and pace. Executing this drill is very simple- just place 3 balls with 5-feet intervals from the hole (or if you’re at your backyard, put a marker somewhere to mark as the “hole”). Now, with your trusted Taylormade golf club, try and hit every single ball into the hole, attempting to do so with similar putter speeds. Since you are practicing your pace, the length of your backswing is the only thing that changes. If you have a larger backyard, you can do this drill with more balls, using the same 5-feet interval rule. Feeling better with your pace? Then go ahead and try doing the drill with your eyes closed.

2. Follow-through Drill

The Follow-through Drill was made to perfect what is called your “release”. Release is the way your wrists turn at the moment of your golf club’s impact with the ball. If you have not mastered the art of a great “release”, then your ball’s flight will go left or right to your actual desired direction.

To perform the drill, what you need to do is take your Taylormade golf club and swing it half your typical speed. This means stopping when your arms make an L-shape while executing your backswing. Check how your wrists are positioned then swing through and release. Your follow-through should result in your arms creating a reverse L. Do this again and again, increasing speed and power each time. If your efforts are yielding undesired outcomes, adjust your arm angle and grip accordingly until you find the perfect one.

3. Penny Drill

If you have only just begun playing golf, it is safe to say that you have experienced “topping the ball” more than a few times.

A topped shot is when you swing your Taylormade golf club very near the ball’s crown creating an impact that scoots the ball only a few yards forward in an intense topspin.

To prevent this from happening again, a Penny Drill is what you can do to practice. Place a penny on a practice mat and hit it off the mat. You can use just one, maybe your favorite Taylormade golf club, or you can try various clubs. Check how high you can get the penny to fly off. Lastly, try to hit the penny again but this time place a golf ball on top of it. Repeat as many times as you want until you perfect it.

Six Main Types of Neck Lanyards

December 27th, 2014

Neck lanyards are popular for a reason. They look simple but they serve certain purposes. Widely used as an ID holder by students from different levels, they come in different colors and designs. In the corporate world, one look at someone’s lanyard and you can easily know from which company or department that person belongs to.

Neck lanyardsNow, the use of neck lanyards is not limited to being ID holders. They are made from different kinds of materials that make each special. In case you are planning to order neck lanyards, here is a quick guide on the types of materials used by suppliers in making them:

1. Polyester Lanyards

Flat polyester lanyard is one of the most popular types of lanyard because it is cheap and comfortable to wear. Simple custom designs, like company names or other typographic prints, look great on this type of material.

2. Tubular Lanyards

These lanyards are made from tube-stitched polyester twill fabric, making them similar to a shoelace. They’re soft on the skin and will not pull on your hair even when worn for long periods. They are also the cheapest choice among all types of lanyards. Depending on the size you want, you can place your company name, logo or brand on them.

3. Woven lanyards

True to its name, your custom design or message is woven with thread into the main fabric. The process is just like how embroidery works. This technique will give a more elegant touch to the lanyard and give a polished look since the text is embedded onto the lanyard. Since the designs are woven into the fabric, it is advisable to use simple texts or logos because designs that are more complex will not appear clearly.

4. Nylon Lanyard

Nylon lanyards give a shiny look and the designs printed on them are silk-screened. They are not susceptible to wear and tear since the material used is high quality nylon. If you are thinking about buying a high quality durable lanyard, this one is highly recommended. Detailed designs will print beautifully on nylon lanyards and the finished product will look smooth and shiny.

5. Dye Sublimated Lanyards

When it comes to print quality and durability, this lanyard is the best bet. The material used in this one is polyester material and the designs are imprinted through and through the fabric. The printed design is guaranteed not to crack, fade, or wear off over time.

6. Cord/ Shoestring Lanyards

Considered as one of the newest styles of lanyard, cord lanyards are round and comfortable to wear around the neck. They are simple and easy on the skin. If you want some text to be printed on the cord, a simple text message is recommended since it makes the lanyard look clean.

Aside from the main material of the lanyard, you have to consider the lanyard attachments; these are the metal or plastic clasps that are placed at the end of the lanyard. There are several types of attachments to choose from, some of them are the following: thumb trigger, key rings, cellphone loop, thumb hook, oval hook, and carabiner hook. You can always ask your supplier to attach an additional hook depending on your budget and design preferences.

The different types of materials used in making customized lanyards not only bring life to the item itself but bring out the personality of the one requesting for them. When you customize lanyards, make sure that they reflects the company or organization that you are representing since neck lanyards are not just items you place around your neck, they also carry the name of the group you belong to.

wholesalelanyards.com represent a fantastic value in the world of lanyards.

Lanyards and The Benefits They Bring to the Society

December 26th, 2014

Lanyards are neck accessories used to hang small objects like mobile phones and identification cards. They can be made by weaving cords or using fibers like nylon and polyester. Most people see them as merely accessories but they also play a role in helping various societies. Here are some of the good things that they bring to mankind that most people don’t realize.

Will Help You Express Yourself

LanyardsSince they can be customized according to the client’s preference, they can be used as tools to express oneself. They are not just accessories that you can use at work or in school, because they can be used by fans of musicians and sport teams to show care and support to their idols. Lanyards that feature special quotes can also be worn by people who want to be motivated in the things that they can do.

Binds People Together

Another thing that lanyards can do for people that the majority don’t realize is that, they can gather and unite them. Wearing a company lanyard can be a way  of showing loyalty to the company. It can also help you show that you’re a teamplayer who’s ready to help co-workers in speeding up company operations. If employees are not wearing their company neck ropes, it will be hard to say they are united and loyal to the company.

Can Capture Memories

These items can also capture important events in your life. You can customize  them for special occassions like birthdays, clan reunions or weddings. Keeping and wearing a customized lanyard can be a way to show that you care about that occasion and it’s a proof that you participated on that special day. Lanyards are perfect souvenirs because they are more durable and useful compared to cards and posters.

Gives A Sense of Security

Aside from being used for attaching things, they can give you a sense of security. Wearing them in school or at work can speed up identification or security checks. Producing a uniform company lanyard will help in ensuring the safety of workers. Having these accessories will prevent trespassers from entering company buildings. These neck ropes will prove that every employee underwent an inspection. Even tour guides can use these cords to prevent tourists from getting lost while on tour. It will be easy for them to group tourists with the help of color-coded lanyards.

Used in Promoting Causes

These neck cords can also be utilized to promote causes. They can be used to raise awareness about a certain disease or a social issue. Clients can design one for breast cancer or anti-corruption advocates. These items can also be utilized as campaign materials for elections and for fundraising activities to support victims of certain problems. Political candidates can use them to explain platforms and market themselves to voters. These simple, taken-for-granted neck ropes can even help them win the elections. Putting inspirational slogans or quotes on these customized items will surely cheer up sad people.

Legitimizes Company Operations

A lanyard can also show that a company is legitimate. Having a customized accessory can imply that a certain business exerts effort in making the company more stable.

Can Contribute in Advertising Brands

These neck accessories can also contribute in making certain brands more well-known to the public. They can be used for advertising products made by brands that want to be recognized worldwide. Even theme parks and museums can use these items to promote their attractions to people. People won’t simply throw these things away compared to leaflets and brochures. These personalized neck accessories can be helpful in product name recall.


Simple PCB Assembly Process

December 26th, 2014

A printed circuit board (PCB) is the most widely used mechanical support and electrical connection of electronic parts of modern day circuits. Its base is made of a non-conductive substrate material, most of the time fiberglass, phenolic, or epoxy. Copper is laminated onto the substrate to serve as its conductor, then a soldermask is also coated onto the copper to form conductive paths and pads based on a detailed designer-made pattern.

Pcb assemblyThere are three types of PCBs available in the market. These are referred to according to the number of copper conducting layers each one possesses. They are: Single sided, double sided, and multi-layer. For double sided and multi-layer, the different layers are linked to one another through plated holes named vias.

PCB assembly is the process of creating a PCB by bonding or laminating a substrate, conductor, and soldermask together, and adding a silkscreen layer on the outermost surface for labeling and as guidance mechanism in mounting the different components of an electronic circuit based on a specific design.

Once all the parts are soldered, mounted, and ready to be used, the printed circuit board is now similarly termed as a PCB assembly.

Two Ways to Mount Components

There are two ways to mount electronic components onto a PCB, and they are called through-hole technology and surface-mount technology. The most widely-used method at present is the surface-mount, as parts are directly soldered onto the surface of the board. This makes surface-mount technology ideal for the more compact designs that modern gadgets have today.

The through-hole method uses protruding lead legs from electronic parts to be inserted through holes in the circuit board. Afterwards, the legs are soldered onto it on the other side. This process greatly limited the space that can be utilized in a single PCB, but is still occasionally being used today for simpler circuit designs.

The PCB Assembly Process

The modern process of making a PCB is actually quite sophisticated, especially when fabricating the contemporary designs of today. Most of them need specialized tools and equipment and should be done in an extremely clean room for faster and more efficient mass production.

However, simpler designs can still be made manually, and there are many electronic enthusiasts who fabricate their own PCBs at home using practical DIY techniques.

Four layers are laminated together to form a single PCB. Starting from the center of the board, they are: substrate, conductor (typically copper), soldermask, and silkscreen.

Below is asimplified step-by-step process of making a PCB that is applicable for beginners to easily understand its concept.

1.After preparing the substrate, a copper layer is then coated on top of it. The copper layer is placed depending on the type of method used in creating the circuit pattern. The two methods are either additive or subtractive.

2.In the subtractive method, the entire surface of the substrate is laminated with copper, and then the undesired portions are etched away. The additive method is the opposite as the copper pattern is directly electroplated on the substrate.

3.After the copper pattern is securely bonded with the substrate, a solder mask is then laminated onto the board. This thin layer of polymer protects the board from oxidation and keeps the conductive parts of the circuit from touching one another.

4.A silkscreen layer is then coated on top of the board. This layer contains labels, names, designators, and sometimes specific instructions, on the parts that are to be mounted on the PCB assembly.

5.The next step is the mounting of circuit components, which, as mentioned above, can either be through-hole or surface-mount.

6.For through-hole, small holes are first drilled on the board where the components are to be inserted.

7.For surface-mount, drilling is no longer needed as the parts are directly soldered onto the circuit board.

8.After all the components are mounted, then the PCB assembly is finished and ready to be used for its intended purpose.